Why choose to work with WHTB?
With WHTB, you get our guarantee of stellar quality, selection and customer service. Our facilities house the most modern, state-of-the-art fabricating equipment and our entire team is dedicated to quality assurance. We offer an unparalleled inventory of standard products and highly-developed custom product capabilities. And, our team will work directly with your team to ensure satisfaction.
At what stage in my project should I contact WHTB?
The earlier the better. We start by helping you determine design feasibility, and then assist you through the entire process. The WHTB team can advise you on product selection and specification, provide samples and mock-ups, then guide you through scheduling, production, and ultimately, on-time job-site delivery.
How can I get samples to help me make a selection?
WHTB offers a variety of sampling options. Samples of standard products can be requested via this website or you can contact us by phone on 917-520-1952  for custom products.
Do you offer oversized glass?
Yes, we offer tempered, laminated, silk screened and insulated glass in very large sizes. We have provided glass that is over 110" tall and in excess of 230" long. Through WHTB's worldwide sourcing network, we can provide glass that is much larger than that which is available domestically.
Can WHTB produce glass cut to very tight tolerances or cut to an unusual shape?
Yes. We have the latest computerized equipment to drill, notch, shape cut, polish and bevel glass. Please contact us to discuss your next challenging project.