Shielding a building's environment from increasing noise levels, especially near airports and busy highways, is a critical factor in the specification of glazing materials for both new and renovated structures. Laminated glass is a proven, effective solution for acoustical protection.
Sound Control Glass 
Sound Control Glass is a perfect solution for insuring exceptional levels of sound insulation. It not only provides insulation for impact and airborne noise but also maintains the safety and security properties of laminated glass.
WHTB Sound Control Glass is the ultimate solution, it is an excellent combination of Safety and Acoustic performance with all of the benefit of laminated glass, and can be combined with solar absorbing laminated glass and any of our tinted interlayers for added desirable effects.  
Sound is a wave phenomenon characterized in frequencies (Hz), speed (approximately 340m/sec through air) and amplitude (amount of energy in the sound wave).
WHTB Sound Control Glass is designed to decouple and disseminate sounds waves for superior sound damping performance. This system targets sounds in the 1000 – 3000 Hz range which is the “noise transparency” range that allows the most irritating of sounds to penetrate windows.
Monolithic glass is a relatively light substance and is also hard, therefore allows sound to pass quite easily, whereas the Sound Control interlayer is a soft and flexible substance that is not inclined to allow sound to pass through it eliminating noise by approximately 50%.